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From the biggest and longest to the oldest and youngest, here are some record setting teeth from around the world.

Longest Tooth Extracted

A 1.26 inch long tooth was extracted from the mouth of Loo Hui Jing in Singapore.

Oldest Person To Grow A Wisdom Tooth

80 year old Timotheus Louw of South Africa and his dentist initially thought that he had a splinter in his mouth, but further examination via x-ray showed that he had grown a wisdom tooth in his old age.

Most Teeth At Birth

Sean Keaney of the UK got a head start on life and was born with 12 teeth already erupted in his mouth. These were removed to prevent problems, but 18 months later he grew a full set up teeth.

Widest Human Tooth Extracted

Most teeth are about 0.3 inches wide, but 9 year old Shane Russell of Canada had a 0.6 inch wide tooth pulled from his mouth.

Youngest Person To Wear Full Dentures

Daniel Sanchez-Ruiz of The UK needed dentures when he was 3 years old. Why? Because he had no teeth at all due to a condition called hypohydrotic ectodermal dysplasia.

Longest Baby Tooth

This 0.91 inch baby tooth belonged to Ahmed Afrah Ismail of Maldives.

Most Teeth Removed

Indian teenage Ashik Gavei had 232 teeth removed from his mouth. These chompers grew together in a tumor-like lump in his jaw bone due to a condition called complex odontima.

World’s Largest Dental Crowns

These 2 crowns were 19 inches long, 5 inches in diameter, and weighed 28 pounds each. How could a human mouth possibly hold such large crowns? Well, it couldn’t. These stainless steel crowns covered the cracked tusks of Spike, an Asian elephant living in the Calgary Zoo of Alberta, Canada.