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We are pleased to serve as a source for effective and fast-acting teeth whitening if you are interested in receiving brighter teeth to enhance your natural smile. Many patients find that a white smile offers a natural boost to help them achieve success in business and social situations, enhancing their quality of life. If your tooth color has been affected by the passage of time or stains caused by dark foods and beverages, we invite you to consider teeth whitening.

We encourage you to speak with our dentist if you are interested in using a whitening product to improve the color your smile. Dr. Steven Rattner can provide insight on which teeth whitening products are safe and will effectively reduce the appearance of staining.

If you have staining and discoloration issues that are beyond the help of over-the-counter whitening products found in your local store, you may be able to achieve the results you want by visiting Steven Rattner DDS to receive professional teeth whitening provided by our dentist. We are happy to offer a safe and effective way to enhance the luster of your teeth for a beautiful smile.

Prior to beginning the procedure, our dentist applies a special gel that covers and protects your gums so that they don’t become irritated. We then fill dental trays with a concentrated yet safe bleaching agent and the trays are inserted in your mouth for a certain time. Once the bleaching has taken effect on your teeth, we utilize a special ultraviolet light to further the results and achieve the desired shade in as little as one treatment.

If you would like to learn more about achieving in a bright, white smile with professional teeth whitening in College Park, Maryland, please call Steven Rattner DDS at 301-474-8277 today and request an appointment with our dentist. Drs. Steven Rattner, Jacqueline Servais, Maryam Roosta, and Linda Suralie are here for your smile!