Is Your Dream Smile Achievable with Professional Teeth Whitening?

We are pleased to serve as a source for effective and fast-acting teeth whitening if you are interested in receiving brighter teeth to enhance your natural smile. Many patients find that a white smile offers a natural boost to help them achieve success in business and social situations, enhancing their... Read more »

These Things Can Help You Remember to Brush

Your dentists, Dr. Steven Rattner & Associates, strongly encourage you to brush twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. Brushing can help you have a strong and healthy smile and oral health and it can help you prevent many dental issues, especially cavities and periodontal disease. It’s... Read more »

Basic First Aid for a Chipped Tooth

Your teeth are very tough. This can lull some people into the notion of thinking that their teeth are invulnerable, leading to bad oral habits. Individuals who chew on foreign objects, use their teeth to open packaging or crunch on ice are at high risk of suffering a chipped tooth.... Read more »

How Should I Treat My Dry Mouth?

If you would like to learn how to treat your dry mouth, then our dentists, Dr. Steven Rattner, and associates more than happy to help you. It’s important to treat dry mouth as soon as possible because without saliva, bacteria will remain on your teeth and gums and the acid... Read more »

Answering Questions on Dental Erosion Prevention

One of the key functions of your oral health care is to keep your smile free and clear of food debris. Debris can be harmful to your teeth and gums because if it is allowed to pool in your mouth, it can slowly form what is known as plaque. Plaque... Read more »

Increase Your Dental Knowledge on Gum Disease Risk Factor Prevention

The health in your teeth and gums is often linked to damage prevention. The more you are doing to limit oral health risk, the greater chance your smile has of thriving in the future. To help lower your risk for serious infectious diseases including gum disease, it is important to... Read more »

Prevent Multiple Oral Issues With a Dental Checkup

Maintaining your oral health for a lifetime requires visiting the dentist for regular dental checkups to address developing oral issues before they can affect the health of your smile. Your dental checkup includes a thorough dental cleaning performed by a dental hygienist to remove the tartar that hardens at the... Read more »

Discover Your Dream Smile with Halitosis Prevention

  Are you suffering from bad breath? Does bad breath routinely return even after using products such as mouthwash to help freshen your breath and eliminate the bacteria responsible for it? If so, then it could be the cause of food choices, poor oral hygiene, oral health ailments, and even... Read more »

The Things You Can Do to Have a Better Cleaning Technique for Your Smile

If you want a top-notch oral health and smile, then you need to have a top-notch oral hygiene routine. Fortunately, there are little things you can do to have a better cleaning technique for your smile. Our dentist, Dr. Steven Rattner, knows all about those oral hygiene tricks, and he... Read more »

A Positive Oral Health Care Outlook with Aging and Dental Health

Another year has come once more, which means another year is on the way. It's important to get excited about each coming year, as it is another opportunity to enhance your life and achieve all the goals you set out to accomplish. We suggest making oral healthcare a priority this... Read more »