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As the Halloween season nears its pinnacle, it is crucial to keep your smile safe. Don’t forget to practice optimum oral health care techniques such as brushing and flossing daily. In addition, make a checklist of all the things you can do to diminish your risk of dental damage during the holiday. Consider the following techniques:

– If you have any candy that is lying around, get rid of it after Halloween is over. Surplus candy can leave you snacking for weeks on end, which can prolong your exposure to tooth decay.
– Stay away from hard candies that can increase your risk of tooth chipping and cracking.
– Stay away from sticky and chewy sweets that can loiter in your mouth long after consumption and increase the rate at which tooth decay occurs.
– Swap out sugary sweets for healthy treats.
– For additional oral health care, visit your dentist for bi-annual professional cleanings and regular checkups.
– If you want your child to enjoy all the fun that comes from trick-or-treating without the risks to their teeth, consider a rewards program that exchanges their candy for healthier alternatives, including swapping their treats out for money, toys, or similar rewards.

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