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One of the key functions of your oral health care is to keep your smile free and clear of food debris. Debris can be harmful to your teeth and gums because if it is allowed to pool in your mouth, it can slowly form what is known as plaque. Plaque consists of a thin layer in your mouth that has bacteria capable of converting substances into harmful acids that chew through your tooth enamel. Damage to your tooth enamel in this way is referred to as dental erosion.

Your smile routinely depends on effective oral health care treatments to keep it safe from oral health risks such as dental erosion. Dental erosion can arise due to numerous causes which should be prevented at all times. Acid reflux disease and heartburn are often known causes of dental erosion that should be avoided or prevented as much as possible. In addition, medications that produced dry mouth as a side effect, and the excessive consumption of sugary sweets and treats including soft drinks can contribute to dental erosion.

To keep your smile as safe as possible from the risk of dental erosion, make sure you are implementing an effective oral health care hygiene routine that includes brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing every day as well. Furthermore, you’ll need to wash away harmful debris in your mouth with effective substances including saliva. Tell produce additional saliva, studies have shown that by chewing sugarless gum after meals, it will form saliva to help prevent dental erosion from occurring. Saliva is known for effectively washing away food debris and neutralizing harmful acids on your teeth and gums.

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